Creating the OSO Relationship and FINRA OATS Website

The FINRA requires Members to report certain Order Events to the Order Audit Trail System (OATS) on a daily basis. If a FINRA Member is required to report OATS events, Sutton Consulting Group, Inc. can help the Member meet its obligations by acting as an Oats Sending Organization (OSO).

In order to designate Sutton Consulting Group, Inc. as the OSO for your organization the following items must be completed:

1) Sign Sutton Consulting Group, Inc.'s Oats Reporting Agent Agreement. The Member Firm and Sutton Consulting Group, Inc. must keep a copy of the agreement in their files.

Download the agreement in PDF format here

2) The Member Firm must have access to the FINRA OATS System. To gain access to the FINRA OATS System the instructions on FINRA OATS Registration page must be followed.

Access the FINRA website

3) Once the Member Firm has access to the FINRA OATS System, the Member firm should add Sutton Consulting Group (OSO ID: 9654) as a Reporting and Transmitting OSO. Please make sure that the relationship is set to never expire.